Thursday, 12 September 2013

PHP: Convert string to float or get float number from string

(float) function that is the fastest way and the fastest performance to convert a string to a float number.
For example :

echo (float) '154.256';                     // output 154.256
echo (float) '154.256dsgaddgvgf';    // output 154.256
echo (float) '154.256fsadfdsfa15';   // output 154.256
echo (float) 'fsdfdsafd154.256';       // output 0

* if you want to get a float from all numeric characters in string you can try following functions :

function getFloatFromString($string) {
     return (float) preg_replace('/[^0-9.]/', '', $string);

example :

echo getFloatFromString('abcdef152.685');       // output 152.685
echo getFloatFromString('abcdef152.6cs85');    // output 152.685
echo getFloatFromString('abcdef152.685fd');    // output 152.685


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